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The Codex has pretty much been spoiled already. Come see what’s changed for the better!

Over a dozen foreign language codex pictures are out and about, covering many units, and rules from the upcoming codex. Here are the biggest changes we’ve seen coming to the mighty Astartes!
1) Space Marine Scouts are back to being WS:4 BS:4
2) Librarians gain access to Divination, and Daemonology.
3) Tactical Squads can now take a Gravcannon w/ amp.
4) Dreadnoughts now form units of 1-3 and have base A:4 for the SAME cost!
5) Vanguard Veterans can buy power weapons or lightning claws at 5pts apiece.
6) Centurion Squad drops 25pts; each addition model is 5pts cheaper!
7) Just ONE of the bonuses of the Gladius Strike Force Formation: Company Arsenal – If a Gladius Strike Force contains 2 Demi Battle Companies, one led by a Captain, one led by a Chaplain, they make a Battle Company. Any unit with the option to take a Rhino, Razorback, Drop Pod as a Dedicated transport may do so at no additional cost. Upgrades are paid for as usual.
8) Terminator Squad drops 25pts; each addition model is 5pts cheaper!
9) Devastators can buy an Cyber-Cherub, that grants twinlinked to a single model for 1 turn.
10) Honor Guard, Command Squad are ELITES
If your looking for specific unit abilities and wargear rules like Tiggy and the Shield Eternal, we may have to wait until the English leaks hit for those.

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