Finally, The Age of Sigmar Comp Rules You Wanted?

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Looks like Games Workshop may have come up with a way to organize your warscolls for Age of Sigmar games, come see!

This has not been verified as coming from Games Workshop, however I can tell you as a former retailer of over five years, this looks like one of a billion emails they sent to me during that time. But anyone else with that kind of knowledge could tailor it to appear that way as well…

++++++ Salt Warning HIGH on this one folks! ++++++

11:00 AM EST – Editor’s Note: I have confirmed this information as coming from Games Workshop.

Via Matthew Jones on Spikey Bits Hobbies


Now just taking a look at that, it appears to be some sort of ‘comp’ or loose set of guidelines for organizing games of Age of Sigmar. It seems very similar to Fantasy Battles in composition, however the limits (like wounds) seem to be a new mechanic for AoS.

I dig those army list rules, I think it gives players a ‘framework’ on how to construct their lists, but still leaves room for the big narrative fights or smaller competitive engagements respectively. Heck if they don’t turn out to be legit I’m sure we’ll still find a use for them!

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