APOCALYPSE – The Mother of All 40k Battle Reports

apocalypse mega battle

Come see tables full of exquisitely painted terrain and super heavies duke it out in a battle for the ages. This is NOT your typical game of Apocalypse!

Titans and monstrous Daemons stride the battlefield as war comes to multiple tabletops. Come see for yourself in the latest brand new video batrep from the Long War!


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The Battle Reports Live on the Long War!


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Episode 10 – Top 5 Fixes For 40k & ATC Prep (The Long War)

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GW's New Game Aides, Does Size Matter? - Episode 89

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Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Single Father to 3 Cats. I blame LEGOS. There was something about those little colored blocks that started it all.. Twitter @catdaddymbg

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