Games Workshop Reprinting Age of Sigmar Terrain?

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age of sigmar rules

It looks like Games Workshop MAY be planning on bringing back the ‘sold out’ Age of Sigmar Terrain. Checkout the latest.

The US online store changed the status early Friday morning on some of the sold out Age of Sigmar Terrain.

age of sigmar terrain in stock


Now it looks like this terrain is only sold out ‘Temporarily’


Here was the previous status of the terrain from earlier in the week…

There is a ton of chatter late Thursday from multiple customers who have been in contact with GW Customer Service saying;

– All new terrain kits will be “While Supplies Last”

– This includes brand new products such at the Baleful Realmgates (already sold out) and the Ophidian Archway


Perhaps it’s just wait and see at this point now. Games Workshop MAY have now noticed that demand has rose, and they may be mobilizing to meet it in the near future.

to eBay or NOT to eBay…

Age of Sigmar Roundup


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