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Jes Goodwin may not be the creator of Warhammer 40k, but he most certainly is like a father to the game. Come see what iconic Warhammer 40k models started in Jes’s artbook.

It no secret that not only can Jes sketch out a mean concept, but he is literally responsible for a large portion of the models that have graced Games Workshop’s shelves over the years. He’s also rumored to be the creator of the Ad Mech, Imperial Knights and the Skaven. Plus he single handily resurrected the Dark Eldar range in 2011 as well.

Some of these sketches you may recognize, some you may not (like the only primarch made in metal; Leman Russ).

Buckle up lads and ladies for a trip down memory lane!


tumblr_mco4hp0IsQ1r1g40zo1_500 (1)

SKETCH 3 sketch1


m1430236a_2010-10-08_05_873x627 Enginseer-concept 2nd edition imperial guard greatcoat concept jes goodwin tumblr_m8cs3vs76Z1r1g40zo1_500 432px-Sketch-Bonesinger

Sketch-Eldar-Architecture (1) Sketch-Banshee-Exarch1

After seeing those breathtaking sketches, it’s no wonder Games Workshop named a pattern of the Boltgun after him is it?

Can anyone name them all?

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