BREAKING – New Horus Heresy “Expansion” Rumors

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More Horus Heresy Rumors are HERE. You have to see these folks, they are BIG!

via 75Hastings69 8-18-2015 and BoLS:

Some setup to get us back in the Heresy mood:

I did originally post that outside the HH box set the 30k range (or some of it) would feature logos (and rules) for both 30k & 40k, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that 30k & 40k will have different rulesets. As GW now see themselves as sellers of models to collectors and NOT a games company I fully expect at least one of the systems to be a simplified AoS(ish) ruleset.

Again sorry to repost stuff from February but there still seems to be some confusion. Hope this at least helps.

And here we go:

It’s not to “lead into 40k” it’s 30k, it’s a separate game system. The HH boxed game is standalone, like the 40k EF assassins game was.

The components from the HH box game will form the first part of the 30k range, the assassins from EF boxed game should be released eventually as individual minis for 40k…


GW 30k I am almost 99% certain will be a different ruleset from current 40k (and I mean the main 30k range not the HH box set).

So the boxed set being a standalone game like Execution Force was is what we’ve been hearing for a while.  The big one is the  assertion that the new Horus Heresy line will be a different ruleset from the current 40K one.  Note that Forge World’s entire amazing Horus Heresy hardcover series is also based on the 40K rules.



Attendees at the recent Forgeworld Open Day brought up the concept of how Forgeworld would update the Heresy rules if GW changed the core rules out form underneath them. The answer reported was that the small “Heresy red codices” (there is currently one for the legions and an upcoming one for the Mechanicus) could be easily updated and republished without having to go back and update every one of the giant leatherback tomes.

Finally compare what Hastings is saying today with the last round or Heresy rumors from several weeks back when the Mk IV sprues leaked:

The Game is real, and is already into production.

Ship date is listed as Q4, November, to hit right at the height of the holiday shopping season.Like “Execution Force” the initial boxed set is a fully standalone game, with no further purchases necessary.Sprues shown so far confirm posable Mk. IV Maximus armor, marines (in sets of 10 per pair of sprues).

Sprues shown so far confirm 2 command figures with a Power Armor and Cataphractii Terminator models.

This boxed Game will serve as the introductory product to an entire Horus Heresy product line that will become GW’s new “3rd Line”, alongside Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

An entire line of plastic kits is coming, that will appear on normal store shelves with Horus Heresy line badging (and 40k as well in some cases)

Ruleswise, the Horus Heresy will be a “40K light” ruleset sitting at the middleground between 40k and Age of Sigmar

Horus Heresy plastic kits will contain both 30K and 40K rules in the box.

Horus Heresy Roundup

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