Age of Sigmar’s New PDF Update REVEALED!

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Looks like the rumors were on point, and the Age of Sigmar is getting a face-lift! Come see the Laws of War rules download that was just revealed.

Via Warseer

A ‘suspicious poster’ with a post count of 2 just dropped this bombshell update. It’s either a very well done scam, or perhaps the real thing from Games Workshop. Note the © Games Workshop all over it as well.

Either way apply normal salt to this rumor

The Laws of War

Here’s the synopsis via the rumors we heard yesterday about this document:

– There are still no points

– Both sides will deploy forces as normal then check against a list of criteria for “mismatches” including things such as :

a) does one side use more factions?

b) does one side use more spammed warscrolls?

c) does one side use more special characters?

d) does one side use more monsters?

e)… There are several more

Both players tally up their total points and determine the difference in who has the most “mismatch” points.

The player who has the lowest total gets a number of free “Law of War” warscrolls based on a chart.


So again after reading the PDF , two thoughts here: I can almost see GW trying to introduce something like this as it allows them to “stick to their guns” of no points costs, and also save face as the small (yet vocal) competitive community keeps up the pressure on AoS.

It is a great start IMHO and if this turns out to be true, we’re seeing a one of the quickest responses from GW to customer option like ever.

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