Unlocking The WD Teaser – What’s Next From GW?

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Is more Age of Sigmar on the way from GW, or we see a switch back to Warhammer 40k releases next week? Come see what we’ve uncovered from the new White Dwarf.

WD images via Tabled Podcast 

Next Week’s Teaser

One of the most mysterious teasers White Dwarf has put on in a while:



The Hallowed Knights, Golden Daemon and a Prime Example…



Hallowed Knights look to be none other than one of Sigmar’s Legions, currently fighting the forces of Nurgle in the Realm of life.

Checkout Pg 164 of the Quest for Ghal Maraz Book, and you will see that the Hallowed Knights are the silvery looking legion of Stromcasts!

hallowed knights

The Golden Demon Part seems to be self-explanatory, as Warhammer World is holding a bunch of “mini” Gold Demon competitions throughout the year. Most recently they had one for tanks, which was won by two time winner Richard Gray!


Now anyone want to take a crack at the last part of the teaser?

A Prime Example?

What does that mean: Tyranid Prime? Primarch? Something associated with a prime number?

More I’m sure will be revealed…. next week!

What do you want more, Tzeentch Daemonkin, Tau, or HORUS HERESY PLASTICS???



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