GW Stores Changing Their Hours to 7 Day Weeks?

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Is Games Workshop changing their notorious “one-man” store’s hours back to 7 day weeks? Come see the changes a lot of folks are reporting!

Depending on who you ask on Bolter and Chiansword GW’s either changing all their stores hours to 7 day weeks,  it’s just select stores or it’s just temporary changes for the upcoming holiday season. Either way people are talking about it seemingly out of nowhere all of a sudden.

There is even talk that top 16 to 20 GW stores are getting their hours expanded as a sort of “pilot” program to see if the one-man format is, you know, not advantageous for a healthy gaming community.

I feel like having a store open late at night and open weekends is more important that being open early in the day. That way folks have more time to play after work and such.

Whatever the reason is for the change, I hope deep down that it’s to help the hobby and provide the type of customer service we all got from Games Workshop in years past.



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