RUMORS – Horus Heresy Plastics Schedule?

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First Tau, and now Horus Heresy, checkout what may be coming our way very soon!

via rumormeister Mikhael

“The Horus Heresy Boxed Game will arrive in Early November. Looks like a release (no pre order) on November 7th.”

And that is the third rumor source pointing out a release date of the first week of November. Our previous schedule laid out a pre-order date date on either October 31, with a November 7th street date, so this fits in perfectly. The new piece of info is the lack of a pre-order, which would be unusual for GW.  If true they may want it to come out with a big splash of excitement, or perhaps want to maximize impulse purchases if it is in any way a limited release.

Here’s the previous set of Plastic Horus Heresy from a couple weeks back:

via Warseer’s grissom2006 9-18-2015

“Well according to my sources within GW the price tag floating around in here of it being £95 is wrong and it’s going to be a three figure price tag. Not going to say the amount as it would be all to easily sourced back to my source. As for those after a release date start thinking about the end of October (expected preorders) start of November time (actual release).

…I’ll expand slightly on the thinking behind why the pricing is likely to be in the realms of what i keep on hearing. The current think is that GW is looking at three gaming systems AOS being the first stage entry level gaming quick to pick up and play and complete with free rules. 40K more complex game to play and greater cost due to codices add ons etc.. Horus Hersey being the top end of the gaming spectrum and aimed at veterans/experienced gamers supposedly complete with even more complex rules.

Ohh and just to add into the mix there may not be just one set release but TWO!!

…I can see how one can think Marine on Marine will be simpler. But the formations the weapons the specialist rules that each chapter had could be become a lot more engaging and much bigger than that of the chapter tactics we currently have. We are talking about an era in which the Primarchs were in command not a set of chapter masters that we currently have. A marine is a remarkable creation but that could never achieve what the Primarchs could. There are units that operated weapons and other things all lost with the Hersey. The game is set while all that stuff is very much still there for use and hasn’t become the stuff of legends and myths. So there is plenty of scope for it to be more complex even if the basic starting block isn’t that gets supplied in the box which is meant to be PACKED to the GILLS.”


Horus Heresy Game Roundup

~ Does GW need to hit a home run with this one?


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