RUMORS – New 2016 Tyranids Model Rundown

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Checkout the latest word on the street about upcoming Tyranids in the 2016 release!

Here’s what the grapevine has told BoLS:


Tyranid Release Window:

These are next up after Horus Heresy

Look for these to appear in early Q1 2016 after the new year

Several new kits including:

– Broodlord (plastic – clampack)

– Genestealer Kit (plastic completely redone)

– XX-vores combo kit (plastic and includes build options for, Biovore, Pyrovore, a new “psychicvore”)

– Termagants Kit (plastic completely redone with “new” weapon options)

– New codex, including:

All Shield of Baal bugs, and the new ones.


There is scattered chatter of a …


wait for it…


– plastic Gargantuan Creature (no further details)

The Tyranid rumorfront has been deader than a doornail for over a year.  If you recall the closest we got to the Hivefleets this year was a rumor about Genestealer Cult returning as a small Harlequin sized release back in FEBRUARY by 79Hastings69, who has been right about pretty much everything.  Sometimes he’s called things over a year out… so who knows – 2016 may be VERY GOOD for you bug fanatics.  With the return of Harlequins and the launch of Adeptus Mechanisus this year – I don’t put anything past GW at this point.

Genestealer Cult Rumor Roundup


~So what gargantuan creature do you most want to see, and do you think the Tyranid codex needs a “Tau-reprint” or a complete teardown-rebuild?


DominatrixDon’t forget about me – I’ve been around since the 90s!


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  • CommanderLongshot

    And still nothing about Sisters

    • Pyrrhus of Epirus

      let it go, you and the three other sisters players in the world should get together and write a letter to GW about this outrage.

      • Billy_mx

        Woah woah dude. I don’t play Sisters but he is right, it is about time they get some treatment. How would you feel if you spent all that money and then you are basically left out of the rest of the game? And I play Tyranids. Wouldn’t mind giving room to have them SOB’s get some treatment

        • Pyrrhus of Epirus

          And chaos space marines? they clearly sell more than sisters do, yet here they sit on an unplayable codex. GW is in this game to make money, convince more than 6 guys to play sisters and maybe they will get an update

          • Billy_mx

            Ok fine….now it’s 7 of us!

          • Sigurd Hellickson

            One, sisters don’t get the support from GW that CSM gets. Second, Sisters are a much more expensive and time intesive army to build. Finally the models aren’t very good looking in comparison. GW does a horrible job creating female models that look decent.

  • BGSW

    Sorry Its not Tyranid related and don’t know what it refers to but the binary on GW’s latest blog post ( ) means “Ordinatus Ulator incoming!” – just thought you might like to know if you didn’t already

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