Inside The Pages – Horus Heresy & WD #93


Horus Heresy is coming in hot, with a whole issue of White Dwarf devoted to the launch of the new core set: Betrayal at Calth.

This weeks issue even comes shrink wrapper with a free pin commemorating the new product launch, BONUS!

If you love the Horus Heresy, this issue is definitely for you! From the background, to the a demo game, and even a double sized Paint Splatter, there’s something for every fan of the grim dark in here!

white dwarf #93

Via Games Workshop

White Dwarf 93 arrives and the Heresy begins! The brand-new Betrayal at Calth boxed game brings us the first ever plastic Space Marine miniatures for the Horus Heresy and we take a look, with New Releases, Paint Splatter, a play-through the game in ‘The Wrath of Veridia’ and a special background feature in ‘The Seeds of Betrayal’, making for a very special issue completely dedicated to this groundbreaking release. What more could you want? How about a free gift? Grab one now, before the blast doors close forever.

White Dwarf 93 – Review

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Episode 25 – Horus Heresy, Kickstarter, Adepticon OH MY

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