Is GW Cutting the Horus Heresy Line to Party With Forge World?

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Looks like something BIG is coming from Forge World Tomorrow, and it’s got everyone hitting the reload button on their site already.


Plus from the looks of this morning’s email blast, Games Workshop looks to be debuting the new Heresy box set next Wednesday the 11th. Curiously we were informed by a GW employee who spoke with us anonymously, all of their own stores were shipped a Betrayal of Calth box set yesterday, and told to have it fully ASSEMBLED AND PAINTED by open Saturday.


Is Games Workshop cutting the Horus Hersey party line with their independent stockists, many of which just picked up 70 box set release bundles? I’d say that’s a BOLD move after the difficulty many of them faced moving stacks of Age of Sigmar starters purchased in the same manner this summer.

All will literally be revealed tomorrow, let’s just hope GW doesn’t reset the clock already on all the good vibes they’ve been sending out recently.

EDITORS NOTE: 7/11/1 5 is indeed Satureday Nov 7th not the 11th. Here in America we do things backwards, my apologizes for the confusion.

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