NEW FREEBIES – From Games Workshop!

By Rob Baer | November 14th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

gw warhammer rebrand

The Holidays are almost upon us once again, and Games Workshop is once again handing out the holiday swag! Come see.


Hot on the heels of the Chaos Gift Box from 2014, this year Games Workshop has a new way to give and receive.

Behold the Imperial Uplifting Gift Sack!


Yep that’s right now you can stuff all your goodies into this thing and be ready for dash out of Grandma’s house faster that you can say “Aye Commissar”!

draw sack


It even comes stock with a draw string and can hold vast amounts of holiday swag. Look for it at your FLGS very shortly.

Next up from Games Workshop Fenrisian Egg Nog steins…

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