Will the Legion of The Damned Be Appearing Soon?

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lotd legion of the damned

Is everyone’s favorite Astarte’s of fire and brimstone also on the way this holiday season? Come see the latest on the Legion of The Damned.

Take this one with all the grains of salt folks, (like all of the salt perhaps) it seems like it may be a little off in left field. However we do know that “currently” the Legion manifested inside the Imperial Fists Phalanx to help keep Bel’akor for capturing it and turning its power on Terra recently.

Is it possible that this may tie into that storyline somehow?

Via The Warmaster on Warseer 

I was watching this 40K painter’s Twitch livestream last night, and one of the users in the chat was claiming to be a concept artist from Games Workshop (specifically claiming to be responsible for the Soul Grinder, as well as being half of the artistic duo behind the current Legion of the Damned models). It’s hard to verify this unless one of the big rumour-mongers can back it up, so take it with a BIG pinch of salt, but he revealed that GW is apparently working on an update for Legion of the Damned, complete with new models and units.

He wasn’t able to give any more details, but it’s possible that this might mean that they’re getting expanded into a full-fledged variant Codex like BA/DA/SW (I’m assuming it’ll be more Skitarii-sized though), rather than being a way to market a single unit/kit as an allied detachment like the current book is.

Oh, and he also verified that GW will be a big release following on from/in support of Betrayal at Calth “soon”, without going into specifics – but we already figured they’d be turning it into a full-fledged model line anyway.

Replies to Questions further in the thread:

Originally Posted by Mawduce 
HUGE grain of salt. Like the size of the moon grain of salt.

Can’t argue with you on that one.


Originally Posted by MajorWesJanson 
Grey Knights showed that they can get a lot of mileage out of a 3 kit release- one PA, one TDA, one other. Admech only got 4 unique kits, Cult Mech got 3 and a clampack. Harlequins got 3 kits and 3 clampacks.
They are a Loyalist marine force after all, so it is not impossible. And a mini-book for them would let them pull them out of codex Astartes and make room for a different unit entry.
Originally Posted by Clang 
Hmm, one kit of conversion bits is all they really need model-wise, unless GW get over-excited and introduce Scary Ghost Tanks or some other unique thingies 

This is my take on it, yeah. While they could get away with only one kit, plus maybe a clampack character (Centurius?), there’s definitely room for expanding LotD into something bigger than they are now. After all, they used to be fieldable as a full army in 3rd edition, via a Chapter Approved rules supplement for the Space Marine Codex.

Posted by Rogue Star 
But that’s the opposite of what SadPanda posted.

From the way that the guy in the chat worded it, it seemed like he was talking about a single release/wave of releases in the near future – he didn’t necessarily suggest that they’d be turning BaC into GW’s replacement third game. It might be a one-off expansion, like how 1st edition Space Hulk got Deathwing, or that they may be putting out a single wave of support releases (like the additional things that they released in support of the Battle of the Five Armies box) and leaving it at that. It could even be that they’re choosing to give the units from the box individual releases ASAP, rather than waiting a while like they decided to do with the Execution Force assassins. In any case though, this is just speculation, so we’ll have to wait and see.

I should have been a bit clearer in my original post, sorry, and my comment about it being a full model range was probably not the most accurate – although many of us did assume it to be the case for a while.

legion of the damned codex cover

I’ll admit they do seem a bit “off” but to be honest I just have a soft spot for the LoTD, and it tends to blindside me a times. Here’s to the return of Sergeant C, and the rest of his frenetic friends!

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