Get a Game Mat for Up To 30% OFF! Checkout This Sale

By Rob Baer | December 12th, 2015 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors


Checkout this sweet deal, our fellow gamers at Gamemat.eu ran out of stock on most of their mats till January which is bad for them, but good for us because now you can lock in a HUGE discount on their restock!

Now Game Mat.eu is offering all the battle mats as pre-orders with a 10% discount till they re-stock (January 1st), and they are including the new Battle Bags  cases as well.

Remember that from USA, Canada or Australia you can already purchase for about 21% cheaper because you don’t have to pay European VAT (value added tax), so combo that with the additional discount off the top, and your saving some real $$.

Basically it means all USA customers get about a 30% discount overall.

I got my Game Mat in about a week, however with the holidays it may take slightly longer to get it in January.

Still on the fence, checkout our review of the mats below:

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