NEW BITS – Kromlech “Slaaneshi” Bedlam Doors

By Rob Baer | December 20th, 2015 | Categories: BITS, Chaos, Game & Hobby Products, Kromlech, Warhammer 40k

slaanesh cultist 1

Kromlech just dropped their new set of “Slaaneshi” Bedlam Fraternity Doors for vehicles in the Grim Dark. Checkout these new upgrades for Chaos vehicles!

Via Kromlech

Bedlam Fraternity Doors 7.99€

KRVB018 Bedlam Fraternity Doors 2_zpsealxdd9j

This set contains three resin pieces (two different doors and front plate) for use with futuristic vehicles or buildings.

Master model (digital) Robert Kurek.


If it’s time for something fresh for your Chaos vehicles, be sure to check these guys out. Cheaper than Forge World and just as good looking IMHO.

Have you welcomed the dark lords into your hobby yet?

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