New Horus Heresy Releases From GW – REVEALED

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garro artwork

Time to crank your Heresy up to an 11. Come see Garro, and the new Holiday Horus Heresy offerings from Black Library, but don’t wait supplies may be limited

A new limited edition calendar is on the way, along with more on Garro, and something special for Christmas Day.

Via Black Library:

unnamed (2)

The Horus Heresy 2016 Calendar

The first ever Horus Heresy calendar – only 450 available

Live 2016 to the accompaniment of new and classic Neil Roberts artwork with the Horus Heresy Calendar.

It’s a calendar – always useful – with 12 amazing images from the Horus Heresy, including several that have never been seen before for products that aren’t out yet…


Can you spot the new art?


Garro: Vow of Faith

Before 2016 even begins, there’s more new Horus Heresy on the way with Garro: Vow of Faith. Author James Swallow, who started the Knight Errant’s journey in ‘Flight of the Eisenstein’ and has steered him through half a dozen audio dramas, brings Garro full circle as he searches for the Living Saint Euphrati Keeler.

This new novella will be the next in our our range of Horus Heresy Limited Editions

And last but not least, something is dropping on Christmas day itself:

unnamed (4)

Don’t worry: you won’t be waiting very long at all for new Horus Heresy. On the 25th of December, we have a very special release, so be sure to find time between the presents and turkey to check out on Christmas Day.

So pass the turkey, and don’t forget to lock in your new Heresy swag, just in time for the holidays from Black Library!

Garro to the rescue… again?

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