What Army SHOULD Games Workshop Release Next?

By Rob Baer | December 31st, 2015 | Categories: Editorial, Warhammer 40k

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2015 was flush with new armies and rules, but where should Games Workshop go from here? What Codex books should they release in 2016?

Obviously Squats are probably never coming back, BUT there is a ton of other great candidates for a new codex book in 2016. Let’s take a look:

Sisters of Battle Adepta Sororitas

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Literally the red-headed stepchildren rules wise of 40k, GW doesn’t seem to know what the heck to do with a whole line of models that for the most part are nearly 20 years old. They haven’t had a dedicated place in the product mix since 2003, and until they get some new models they may never see a store shelf again.

However GW has been stepping up their supplement game as well in 2015, so it’s possible that even if they got another digital rules release they could have an impact on the 40k scene once again.

Chaos Space Marines

chaos dark angels fallen

Supposedly the boogie men of the 40k universe, this book has been reduced to cultists and Dinobots since their last rules release. Very sad for every Veteran of the Long War out there.  We can only hope that Games Workshop plans to put them on par with all the “good-guy” Space Marine rules out there when they return, hopefully in 2016.

PS Please give us Legion traits again, we’ve been very good for the last 13 years Games Workshop. We’d really like them back, please?

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum


Probably the “newest” of the armies on this list, the Guard probably could still use an update to 7th Edition as well.

Sure they got some love in the Mont’ka Supplement but overall they probably need a bit more to keep from being “just an ally” to the rest of Codex Imperials.

Blood Angels


The current red headed step children of the Space Marines, these guys got a really sub par set of rules that really rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. A new rules set that would let everyone use all the models with Jump Packs that they know we have, along with something to set them apart from the other books, competitively would go a long war to fixing their current codex.

Here’s roughly the order in which the non Space Marine codex books have come out since the early 2000’s. Is this a pre-cursor to what we’ll see in 2016?

3rd Edition Rulebook – DE – BA -CSM – DA – Orks – Eldar – Guard – SW – Nids – Tau – Cron -CSM( 3.5 Edition) – Nids – Tau – Eldar – DA -CSM(4) – Orks – Guard – SW – Nids – BA – DE – Cron – CSM(6th) – DA – Tau – Eldar – Nids – Guard – Orks – SW – BA – Cron – Mech – Harlequins – Mech – Eldar – DA – Tau – 2016?

What do you think Games Workshop should update or re-release in 2016?  Will we see a new army faction again this year, or just sequels to the existing lineup?

Do you want to believe?

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