A Poor Chirstmas For GW? – 2016 Sales Report

By Rob Baer | January 8th, 2016 | Categories: Editorial, News / Rumors

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Has the “Ice” Age of Sigmar finally caught up with Games Workshop? Come see what the company is reporting from their last 6 months of sales.

It looks like the summer debacle that has started to be know as the Ice Age of Sigmar has started to put a strain on their 6 month sales ending 31 Dec 2015.  Can Games Workshop turn it around for their second half of  their fiscal year, or will the slide continue?

Via The Guardian!

The company said December sales were below expectations, and warned that pretax profit for the year to 29 May was unlikely to exceed £16m. Last year, it made profits of £16.6m.

Sales fell at its global network of 430 shops, where customers can paint and play with figurines, while online sales increased 5.3%. Its miniature figures are made in Nottingham and exported all over the world, with nearly three-quarters of sales outside the UK.

Pretax profits were flat at £6.3m in the firm’s first half, the six months to 29 November. Sales fell by 2.2% to £55.3m.

I think at this point GW really has to be aware that while the idea of AoS may not have been so bad, the roll out and subsequent “marketing” of the product line was a complete failure in so many ways.

For some of us veterans it’s depressing to see them fail at the most basic of things, but yet do so well in other areas.  Regardless we’re rooting for them to turn it around in the second half leading up to June of 2016.

Maybe they shouldn’t just hire folks on just their attitudes alone?

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