BREAKING- New Blood Bowl Minis, Specialist Returns!

By Rob Baer | January 27th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

blood bowl-horz

Guess who’s officially coming back!  New Blood Bowl has been spotted, and you’ll never guess when they’re coming!

images via Tiny Plastic Spacemen (facebook) 1-27-2016

Again, shots from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, that is going on right now.  GW is in attendance and is showing off some upcoming products.  Take a look at these:

10157385_1052864601431937_2117549345089457632_n 12642838_1052864628098601_1680680623127632443_n 12592681_1052864641431933_2357164955657358798_n

From these flyers it look slike

  • Returns in 2017
  • Orks vs Humans
  • 2 models shown of each faction, Quarterback and Linesmen

Will this be the first release from Specialist Games?

~ Don’t call it a comeback, Bl0od Bowl’s been here for years!

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