Commander Pask & The Desert Tigers – Army of One

knight commander pask hiso

Come see the king of the Leman Russ and his tank entourage in a great alternate desert color scheme that is very striking!

From the artist HISO, we have a great little tank company on feature today!

Commande - GI - Leman Russ 1

Knight Commander Pask.
Commande - GI - Leman Russ 2

Various bits and turrets for the Baneblade and Leman Russ.

Commande - GI - Bitz tourelles

And a little Basilisk.
Commande - GI - Basilisk

See more awesomely painted figures at Les Figs d’Hiso

About the Author: Barclay Montgomery

I'm a weird guy wargamer and hobby enthusiast. I'm like the Thing, I can take many forms. I could be a bounty hunter looking for Rebel prey, a commander of an Imperial fleet, or the Hive Mind of the Great Devourer of Worlds.
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