Forge World’s Making New Astartes Armor Marks?

Space Marine w/ Heavy Bolter

Come see the latest update on what Forge World may be doing to the line of Astartes Space Marine Legion armor marks since the plastics released.

Via Wulox on the B&C 1-14-2016

I had been intending on ordering some MK VI armor from FW, not knowing they were now “No Longer Available”. I knew the none-legion variants of the other armor MKs were no longer available but I assumed that was because they had a legion variant.

Anyway, I emailed Forgeworld inquiring as to why the MK VI was now No Longer Available, and I received this reply within less than an hour:


Quote (From Forge World)

Hi There,

Thanks for the email, fear not for the kits your after have been temporarily removed for remastering. We have decided to make a few improvements to a few of our kits and will be working on a good number weapon packs and Heresy era armour kits to bring them a little more up to date and allow for a more enjoyable hobby experience.

Please keep and eye on the newsletters and keep coming back to our web store as once the work has been finished they will go back on sale. For now we don’t know how long these projects will take but as we understand it they will be done in batches of products

Thanks again and speak soon.

I can only assume those armor marks that are no labelled “No Longer Available” are being redone to accommodate the new bolter+hand setup.

As said previously, if this has been covered elsewhere lock the topic, just wanted to inform people that likewise wanted to order the armor marks that are no longer available!

Very interesting news that seems to go along with what Forge World has been doing with their new Special & Heavy Weapon upgrades for the Legion armor marks.

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