NEW CHAOS – Slaves to Darkness Faction REVEALED?

age_of_sigmar_chaos khorne

Whats going on with GW? They may have just dropped a new soft cover deal with what looks to be a new faction of CHAOS! Come see the latest!

First we got these new pictures from Scanner, that show the new release book for Chaos, and the White Dwarf feature on it as well.

Via Scanner 1-19-2016

grand-alliance-chaos-cover (1) grand-alliance-chaos-spreads

Then we have the contents of the book from yesterday:

via Warseer’s Archibald_TK 1-18-2016

What is coming this weekend:

– Bloodthirster, Bloodcrushers (now per 6), Bloodletters & Bloodthrone are back in new packaging.

– Battlesmith (1 model) 23€ – £18 – $30 – AU$ 1.000.000 and a liver

– Grimwrath Berserker (1 model) 23€ – £18 – $30 – AU$ 1.000.000 and a kidney

– Chaos Alliance book or whatever it’ll be called in English (304 pages, yup, no typo here, softcover) 26€ £20 $33
Ah, it’s the old softcover Codex pricing! 158 Warscrolls for the 21 following factions:
– Everchosen
– Slaves to Darkness
– Khorne Bloodbound
– Daemons of Khorne
– Tzeentch Arcanists
– Daemons of Tzeentch
– Nurgle Rotbringer
– Daemons of Nurgle
– Hosts of Slaanesh
– Daemons of Chaos
– Brayherds
– Warherds
– Monsters of Chaos
– Chaos Gargants
– Thunderscorn
– Master Clan
– Clan Verminus
– Skryre
– Moulder
– Pestilens
– Eshin

And back full circle to the teaser, which seems to line up with the contents of the new Chaos tome, AND the new starter army from earlier in the month.


Notice the “slaves to darkness” designation. From the book above (and the previous rumors)  it looks like they are a new faction of Chaos, listed after the Everchosen in the contents of the Grand Alliance book!

Chaos is COMING? New GW Releases & Teaser - REVEALED

Is Gw trying to force feed Age of Sigmar on the masses by offering the value of 300+ pages including what looks to be all the current warscrolls, for the low low price of a $33 softcover book?

What’s going on in Nottingham, and is the the precursor to another several weeks of Chaos releases?

New Chaos White Dwarf Round Up

~Time to shake up those Magic Eight balls to get to the bottom of this one?

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  • Thomas Lyons

    You do know that the “Slaves to Darkness” keyword is on all the original Warriors of Chaos war scrolls, right? It is the equivalent of the High Elf “Highborn” keyword or Dwarf “Dispossessed” keyword. Nothing to see here.

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