New Forge World – Leviathan Video REVEALED


A new video is here from Forge World showcasing the girth and grim dark majesty of the newest dreadnought to hit the scene, the Leviathan!

Via Forge World

Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought with Weapons £72


Created in limited numbers in the latter days of the Great Crusade, the Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought was developed in secret on Terra, away from the pervasive oculars of the Mechanicum. Its massive frame incorporates hybridised technologies, some dating back into the dim past of humanity. Towering over later Imperial walker patterns, this heavily armoured dreadnought is savagely powerful.

The Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought is a multi-part resin kit. It includes optional torso mounted heavy flamers and volkite calivers, an optional Phosphex discharger and an 80mm round base.

You get two weapon option bundles, it can come with a siege claw and a siege drill:
Siege Claw and Siege Drill, powerful close combat weapons that excel at tearing through buildings, vehicles and flesh alike.

Secondly it can come with a storm cannon something called a grav flux bombard:

Grav-flux bombard, powerful and esoteric short ranged weaponry uniquely developed for the Leviathan.


And here’s today’s new video showcase on this hip new death dealing machine!

Is it time to add one to YOUR forces?

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