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The Wolfen, Leman Russ, Vlka Fenryka – it’s all true. The Space Wolves are coming, don’t miss the start of 40k for 2016!

A New White Dwarf  has been spotted, and look who’s on the cover!

via John Seng on Spikey Bits Hobbies and Warseer 1-23-2016


Now take a closer look at this cover. It looks to be issue 106, and dated February 6th, which is two weeks from now.  That is also the day of the now annual Horus Heresy weekender at Warhammer World. I feel like the questions we can take away from just seeing this cover are:

  • Will there be a Space Wolves release between now or then, or just filler Age of Sigmar?
  • Is GW saving them to debut at the same time as Warhammer World?
  • Since the Space Wolves are pretty much getting a new kit, with what appears to be Wulfen(?), then are we looking at a a full multi week release OR just a one kit and perhaps a 7th Edition codex update?
  • Is the blacked out portion done on purpose to hide a previous week’s release like we saw on the Tau Ghostkeel White Dwarf sighting back in September (Stormsurge reveal)

Here’s what we had been hearing earlier in the week, but with this big reveal the actual release lineup is once again anyone’s guess.

via DakkaDakka’s Sad Panda 11-27-2016

Tyranids in January is nonsense. Fyreslayers.

Imp. Guard in February is nonsense. Space Wolves.

Not counting possible 1-week things (think Seraphon), only multi-week releases.

It’s not impossible there will be a FSE (Farsight Enclave) book, which may or may not be reprinting the rules from Mont’ka.I wouldn’t expect many miniatures with it. Probably just be the book, or a single clam-pack at most. There will be several 1-week things 2016.

This Week’s news from BoLS

Sources have relayed to BoLS that the Space Wolves are returning this year, but there are some big caveats:

  • Look for the Space Wolves to return in the first half of the year, before summer arrives.

  • This will be a minor “reboxing release”

  • Look for some originally limited edition models to make their way into the standard SW range.

  • Look for mostly reboxings with updated bases and the like.

  • There is no current word on an updated codex.

And this from just yesterday:

Via Lucky Shot on Faeit 1-20-2016

“Space Wolves campaign book is called “Curse of the Wulfen”

Also includes a decurion for Chaos Daemons

So what do you think so far of the first glimpse into 40k for 2016?

There are no Wolves on the White Dwarf?

New 2016 Space Wolves Roundup


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