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By Horton Doughton | January 29th, 2016 | Categories: Chaos, Conversion Corner, Conversions, Warhammer 40k


After many hours of hobby time, the Burning Skull is here to terrorize the tabletop for the Khorne Daemonkin!

The Burning Skull
When Angron led the remnants of the World Eaters to war on Armageddon, He brought with him ancient war machines designed to break the imperial defenses and let his wild hordes descend into the Hive cities they protected. One such warmachine was the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank that came to be known as The Burning Skull. Already a relic of the World Eaters, and a veteran of the bitter wars of The Scourging millennia earlier, the wrath of the Burning Skull laid waste to both defender and defense alike, crushing hundreds under its iron tracks, and obliterating countless amounts of rock-crete fortifications. Such was the devastation it wrought that it became a rallying point for Chaos Marine and Daemon, the baleful energies of its malice empowering those around it.

kharn chaos walpaper khorne

When the war was lost, and the World Eaters were driven from Armageddon, the Burning Skull was one of the last War-Engines to quit the field, its Cannon punishing those that had bested them with all it could muster.
To see this Engine of corruption on the battlefields of the 41st millennia is to witness the Wrath of Khorne Made manifest. Reality screams in rebellion as the air around it seeps with corruption. Its ceramite hide is warped and tainted with signs of the Khorne, and skulls litter its surface. Where it treads, Daemons are sure to follow, as the divide between the warp and reality of weakened by this tank’s very presence.

The few recorded sighting of the Burning Skull since Armageddon often site it as fighting alongside full Daemonic incursions, or alongside the Khorne Daemonkin, with the denizens of The Skull throne at its flanks. Some have claimed that the Burning Skull no longer makes its home in this galaxy at all, but has been fully indoctrinated into the service of the Dark gods, only entering reality when the blood god commands it.


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