BREAKING – New Space Wolves Rules REVEALED!

By Rob Baer | February 6th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Come see the latest new Space Wolves Rules that were just spotted overnight!

Via  lucuiban 2-6-2015

2-5 Runepriests
Harness Warp Charges with 3+ when using Tempestas discipline.
Every turn choose a Rune Priest of the formation. That one gets the following power:

– Livinstorm (WC3)
24″, S7, AP- Assault 2D6, Shock (For every 6 you get +2 hits). Add +1D6 attacks to the power for every Runepriest in the formation beyond the 1st.

Ragnar Blackmane or Wolf Guard Battle Leader
1 unit of Wolf guard, Terminators or Thunderwolves
3-5 units of Blood Claws, Skyclaws or Swiftclaws
0-1 Lukas
4-6 Grey Hunters, Land Speeders
1-2 Long Fangs
1 Wolf scouts
0-2 Lone Wolves

Units disembarking from a Drop Pod get Fearless and FnP6+ that turn.
If Ragnar is on the battlefield, all “Claw” units reroll to hit in combat
All unit that normally can purchase a Drop Pod, can get it for free. Have to pay the upgrades. All Drop Pods of this formation enter the battlefield in turn 1.

Wulfen murderpack:
2-5 units of Wulfen
Add +1 to the curse of the wulfen roll for every unit on the battlefield.
There is a 7+ result.
– Hunt: Affected units can move twice this turn. (THAT ONE IS GOOD)
– Kill: Affected units get +1A

The Wulfen units that get an additional attack for every 6 to hit in combat

– For every unit in the formation roll a D6 at the beginning of the game. Add +2 to the roll for the troop units that have an IC joined. For every 6+, that unit gets flanking. Additionally, if a the leader is a Wolf Lord, a single unit in Reserves can enter the battlefield automatically instead of rolling.


Thanks Iuchiban. well these all look very spicy so far, and who doesn’t like formations with FREE stuff!

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