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By Zach Bowles | February 25th, 2016 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Chaos, Warhammer 40k

Land Raider 1

Approaching this army after working on them Nurgle boys was a little different.  I wanted this army to be bloody! Come see how it turned out.

I mean it is Khorne after all. Going with that I didn’t mess too much with the range of models used.

I like the idea of the Khorne Mutilators, but I absolutely HATE the GW models that they have.  I decided to use the AoS Khargorath model and the Scyla Anfingrimm model. I really enjoyed painting these pieces.  They’re very organic and fit with organic nature I’ve been going for across these 2 armies.

Mutilator 3

For the Cultists, I really couldn’t come up with anything better for Khorne than the stock GW cultists.  They’re good sculpts and also a lot of fun to paint.Cultist 1








For the Heldrake, I couldn’t think of anything more Khorne than a skeletal dragon with blood thirster wings. So that’s exactly what I did. Toss in some chains and BAM!!!!  Khorne Heldrake


The Land Raider is a Land Raider, what can I say. I wanted to add my little touch to it, so I made a stencil and decided to add an airbrush Skull on the sides.

Land Raider 1












Lastly, there’s the Bloody One Himself. Kharne! I like the old models but there’s something about the FW version I just couldn’t resist using it.  That and I see him being the same as he was back pre heresy times. Khorne wanted Kharne for his skills as a killer and why change when he’s already awesome at it.

Thanks for checking another article out by me, the Man Beard.

If you like what you see, keep an eye out for more to come.  These armies will be for sale after Adepticon (and it will include a custom display board for each army) after the Long War boys use them!  Check me out on Facebook.

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