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By Rob Baer | February 4th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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If you like to collect wargaming miniatures and you’ve been looking for a better way to display them online, GEMR may be for you!

GEMR just built a new social collecting website, that let’s users display all sorts of collectibles on from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Pokemon to even Cosplay gear!

Now they have a wargaming section on their site to add and store all of your miniatures, and with their IOS and apps adding items to their site can be done with a snap, tag, and post.



Gemr is the first social marketplace built for collectors, by collectors to buy, trade, and sell, or share and discover the things they love. Gemr is digitizing the collecting experience with a more personalized interface and a suite of mobile features that eliminates the hassle of navigating multiple sites to make collecting fun and easy for experts and newcomers alike.


What I like about GEMR is that it’s a self contained social community that’s very cutting edge, unlike a traditional forum. Their new free to join site lets hobbyists meet an discuss their miniatures, learn about values, and even buy sell and trade the same items.

It’s almost like its own little Etsy inside a Pintrest that’s got a built in Facebook, that’s just for wargaming.


Be sure to check it out! I just even posted my never before seen, very first painted army of Warhammer 40k (3rd Edition Black Templars) over there to help kick things off!

Visit GEMR and get started posting your collection and help bring the hobby to a whole new crowd online below!

GEMR’s Wargaming Site

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