New GW & Forge World – Horus Heresy Weekender Begins

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Come see the first news out of England this weekend, and what we can expect for new releases for Games Workshop, Forge World and Specialist Games in 2016!

Via Alan Thomson

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And the Schedule of Events for this year’s weekender:



Checkout the very latest on the event below:

Horus Heresy 2016 Weekender Roundup

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Here’s some of the releases we can exepct to see today from the GW Birthday Event back over the New Year!

NEW HORUS HERESY: Book 6, Prospero & Next Primarchs!

space wolves walpaper

Horus Heresy Volume VI – Retribution is on the way plus it looks like well see rules for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, White Scars and Shattered Legions. Possible new Rites for certain legions. Plus it looks like Leman Russ and Magnus will be on the way soon.

New Tau Imperial Armor Book From Forge World

945851_10156419416085596_2438405802592506384_n - Copy

Looks like Forge World will be dropping a new Imperial Armor book that’ll showcase the new Supremecy suit and hopefully the three Cerastus Knights.

40k’s Newest Primarch – Corvus Corax Showcase

corvus corax wingspan

The master of the Shadows is here, along with the most impressive wing span ever perhaps. Checkout this showcase of the newest primarch from Forge World!

The first new Specialist Game will be Blood Bowl?

new blood bowl specialist games miniatures

We have the first shots of the new Blood Bowl reboot from Specialist Games!

NEW FORGE WORLD – Warlord Titan Weapons


If you thought the Warlord titan was awesome before, you may find it irresistible after seeing the new upgrades that are on the way for the big guy himself!

New Horus Heresy – Book VI Retribution

horus heresy book Vi retribution

New art and spoilers for the new Horus Heresy book were flowing out of Nottingham, and it looks like a lot of legions will be getting some love in book six!

New Space Marine Mastodon Pictures


New shots of what may be the biggest tank for the Space Marines were spotted, and man this new kit has everything inside it, including the kitchen sink!

Checkout the rest of the new pictures and all the exciting coverage out of Warhammer World from this weekend below!

Horus Heresy 2016 Weekender Roundup

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2016 is already looking to be one of the BEST!

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