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By Rob Baer | February 9th, 2016 | Categories: GW Bundle Deals, News / Rumors

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Checkout the hot deal Games Workshop is dishing out on the new Space Wolves Start Collecting box set!

Via Scanner 2-8-2016

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At $85 retail you’re saving almost $20 over actual the retail of all the components.

  • 3 Thunder wolf Cavalry
  • 10 Space Wolves (Blood Claws or Grey Hunters)
  • 1 “Wolf Lord” (Space Marine Captain Model)
  • 1 Datasheet – the Deathpack- with special rules to field the entire contents of the box.

That’s nearly 20% off just for starters so it’s even better for anyone who gets their new in box items at a discount on top of that normally.


So a great deal gets even better with discounts! Now if they had only included Ulrik in there, we could make it a new release triple dip!

Even more rules and new Space Wolves and Daemon news below. Be sure to check it out!

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