RUMORS – New Oruk Models On The Way?

By Rob Baer | February 27th, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors


orcs and goblins

Come see the latest rumors about The Grand Alliance: Destruction for Age of Sigmar – Oruks & MORE!

Via BoLS:

Longtime rumormonger Mikhael is back with more info on the Destruction release:

via mikhael 2-27-2016

 “We will see new Kits in March. It’s not a Book only release.”
 This, of course, lines up with what he mentioned earlier this week:

via mikhael 2-23-2016

“Orcs and Goblins / Destruction in March are the next release for Age of Sigmar.”

That all lines up with what the rumor mill has been winding up. We’ve heard about a plastic Wyvern before. And if you look at that “later” pile it appears to be coming up a lot sooner than we initially thought!

Via BoLS:


Chaos: Grand Alliance AoS *Check*

Order: Grand Alliance AoS

Death: Grand Alliance AoS *Check*

Destruction: Grand Alliance AoS

Death Release Window (starring an undead giant) AoS 

Space Wolves Release Window 40K *Check*

Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons Campaign 40K *Check*

Horus Heresy Plastic Reboxes Release Window 40K



Betrayal at Calth Boxed Game Sequel 40K

Oruks Release Window (starring a Wyvern) AoS

Duardin Release Window (starring a construct) AoS

Deathwatch Boxed Game 40K*Check*

Don’t forget the salt but that line-up is looking pretty good so far…


-What do you think is next on the list?

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