The THREE New Chaos Daemon Rules Not to Miss?

By Rob Baer | February 10th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Come see the THREE new Chaos Daemon rules that you may not want to miss out of the new Curse of the Wulfen supplement book!

Well we just got a whole heaping helping of the new Daemon rules from the CotW expansion early, now’s the time to try to digest them all and figure out what the can’t miss item or tactic in them.

Today we’re going to talk about  THREE rules that may at face value may not seem that good, but when comboed with current rules out there they may just be better than they look!

*Remember these are from translations posted earlier this week, and may turn out to not work exactly as what’s been published*

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Nurgle’s Power Up?

Nurgle is getting a new psychic power that’s a blessing at 24″ which adds +1 toughness for each Warp Charge spent on it to the target unit.  Now while that may not seem that good to some folks, let me be the first to say, it may nearly be as good as Invisibility. Sure you can’t adjust how the squad gets hit, BUT you can change how hard it is to wound them, with most things wounding on a 6 or not at all if you cast on three warp charge.

It just like Invisibility in the fact that models just stop interacting with it, and that is a win for most generals, invisibility be damned.

This power may just be a game changer for alot of Daemon “death stars” and works great just on normal T4 plague bearer units as well. Scoop up them palanquin models from eBay folks, it’s psychic fishing time!


Khorne’s Conundrum? 

Poor Khorne doesn’t get any cool new psychic powers (because Khorne!), and his new gear is okay at best depending on who you ask. While I think the new sword that lets you always hit on 2+ is worth mentioning because you only see that mechanic on only one other model in the game (Kharn) so it’s a rarity for sure.

It’s also of note because the new Tetrad formation lets you re-roll ones to hit, so the math on that one “always hitting” is pretty solid. However Khorne’s big problem may be their greatest strenght; they need to assault to be good. Its seems like for single model units in 7th edition if you ain’t bringing the “D” or have a really, really good save, you ain’t here to party.

Now that being said the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage definitely brings the heat, and I’m crossing my fingers that the piece of wargear that says it gives a 3+ armor save, Adamantium Will, and -1S when attacking it’s bearer is a typo.  I really, really, want it to say it’s a 2+ save.  That may just make the “D-Thirster” a must have in every Daemon list at that point IMHO, but as it stands the 3+ profile may just not be worth the points, dawg.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

I really want to believe in the new Tetrad formation that gives fielding four different affiliated Deamon princes the following bonuses:

4 models: +1T 
3 models: +1S
2 models: Reroll 1’s to hit
1 model: No benefit

If your warlord is one of the DP, then all of them get the same warlord trait.

I think for most Daemon players getting T6 on a Daemon Prince is a HUGE boon, however having to take one of each, competitively may not be the best build. Clocking in around 1500-1600 points this formation leaves very little additional room in games of 1850 points, plus the aforementioned problem when you land the Khorne prince from above. Would it be perhaps more realistic to allow something like Be’lakor (the first Daemon Prince, and marked by all) to stand in for one of the God’s required, because otherwise this formation may not be that effective at the tournament level.

What it does bring is some flavor for casual play, and 2000+ point events that can handle a “handicap” from Khorne’s side of the Tetrad.

Regardless, all of these points may be just be moot anyways. Because as soon as we see the actual wording on the book, or we dig something up that was missed by the rumormongers things can big time!

Either way Daemons are getting way more flair that they had before, and that is a boon the hobby overall!

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