To Proxy or Not To Proxy, When is it Right?

By Rob Baer | February 10th, 2016 | Categories: Editorial

hover deoderant tank

When is it okay to proxy and not to proxy models on the table top? Come see some suggestions and a way to checkout a ton of “Proxy models” all at once!

The Bizarre and Wonderful Land of Proxying

A guest article by Vincenzo Bruni,and Jacob Bolton

The word proxy is a rather vague, often derogatory term used in the Warhammer and the larger miniature wargaming community, in general: infamous soda bottle used as Carnifex and empty base “count as anything you want” come to mind and understandably give more skilful proxies a bad name.


40k’s Most Famous Conversion?

Yet proxying is an old art, almost venerable activity: veteran gamers still remember early White Dwarf WWI tanks used as Land Raiders, when Zoids mecha and G.I. Joe vehicles were transformed into space marine vehicles and of course Rick Presley’s iconic deodorant stick/military hovercraft, which made and elusive come back upon the arrival of the vehicle design rules released by chapter approved in 4th edition 40k.


MBG’s Stormhound

Half between full scratch built monstrosities and the minute conversion most refined proxying is almost an hobby unto itself.

Sometime to spare couple of bucks, something uniquely offered to the battlefield – children toys, action figures, fish tank and cake decorations, birdhouses, SciFi models… cut, repainted, rebuilt, reassembled and given new form and function, realistic, satirical or gore drenched: “Rule of Coolness” should be the only limit.

Truly an interesting and underestimated asset to our hobby proxying both an indoor entertainment and outdoor treasure hunting: finding such perfect specimens at many flea markets, OP shops, thrift stores, pound shops, $2 stores, garage sales, junk yards salvages. Making things once discarded of use again.

scout titan

Tony Contrell’s Titan from the 1980’s

No such limitations can be said, of the mind of the hobbyist of such tastes!

Checkout the Warhammer Proxies!  Facebook  group, it’s 3200 members strong, growing, and waiting for you.

Warhammer Proxies!

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