X-Wing Tactics – Dengar Arrives in Punishing One

By Barclay Montgomery | February 25th, 2016 | Categories: Star Wars, Tactics, X-Wing 2.0


We have some X-Wing tactics here for you guys and gals out there, focusing on the upcoming Jumpmaster 5000 release. Time for some payback!

The Jumpmaster is definitely going to be an exciting ship. With an asymmetric maneuver dial, it will be a super tricky ship to pin down. It also boasts barrel roll on its action bar, adding even more maneuverability. It is also the first ship to have both a Crew and Unhinged Astromech upgrade slot. There will be some interesting combos to see out there. Let’s discuss some possible builds for the newest large Scum ship.


Tel Trevura is the first type of “zombie” ship for the Scum faction that seems to be popular with the Rebels. The first time you would be destroyed, you cancel all remaining damage, including critical damage, and assign 4 face down damage cards. You may only have one hull point remaining, but you are not destroyed. They say the most dangerous ship in X-Wing is a ship still alive with one hull.


With the “Gonk” crew card aboard, you can save up some extra shield tokens to add to your ship as you lose them. Tel Trevura can become a true tank with this build right here:

Tel Trevura – Determination + Punishing One + “Gonk” + Salvaged Astromech = 47 points

With this build, if your opponent manages to punch through your pile of shields from “Gonk”, your Determination will be able to discard all criticals with the Pilot trait and your Salvaged Astromech will allow you to discard one of your criticals with the ship trait. This can prove annoying to your opponent who spends multiple turns trying to focus down Tel Trevura, only to have the ship spring back to life after it has been destroyed. Zombie Scum ship!


If you are wanting to get a little more aggressive, Dengar is your man. He allows you to perform a counter attack on any ship that is within his firing arc while he is defending. Add his little astromech buddy R5-P8, and you can put the hurt on any ship that decides to shoot at Dengar. r5-p8

That gives you the potential to do 4 damage to a ship, while defending! 5 if you are within range 1! This guy will make anybody think twice before shooting at Dengar when he has you in his sights. Payback time!

That’s all for now.

Be sure to tune in next time for some more awesome tactics and strategy for X-Wing!

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