30k Building the Mechanicus: Legio Cybernetica

By Rob Hill | March 24th, 2016 | Categories: Forge World, Horus Heresy, painting miniatures, Warhammer 40k


Greetings flesh beings, come see the true glory of the Mechanicum and welcome the Omnissiah as your faction in 30k!

Following on from my recent introductory posts about the Mechanicum in 30k, I thought I would show you a little progress on my own Legio Cybernetica Cohort. The Legio Cybernetica Cohort is a minor sub-faction of the Taghmata Omnissiah that relies heavily on the hulking monstrous Battle-Automata that so often characterise the Mechanicum. I wanted to take a lot of these awesome miniatures as well as some of the “smaller” Thallax. Though even these are Toughness 5 with 3 wounds apiece!

I really struggled to decide on a colour scheme for these guys until I watched Aliens one day and decided that I want to have an army of power loaders! Having said that, and as many of you will no doubt know, yellow is a bit of a b**ch to paint. I decided to utilise my airbursh to repeatedly layer seraphim sepia over a zenithal undercoated model before highlighting with Averland Sunset, Yriel Yellow and Screaming Skull successively. Below is a montage of my work so far!






I’ve now brought the Thallax up to the screaming skull layer, though unfortunately I think I’ve gone a little to far with that relative to the Castellax. So I need to give them another wash and bring it up less brightly.

Rest assured I will keep you updated on these guys as well as have posts out that review Thallax, Castellax, the Legio Cybernetica Cohort as well as the Thanatar.

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