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In a strange turn of events Games Workshop was caught on camera outside of the Nottingham studio. Checkout what they had to say!

For the past few years any time someone would try to get a comment from a GW representive at a trade show outside of the UK it was a strict “no comment” or “I’d like to but I can’t”. Today at GAMA it looks like the new-ish head of US trade sales was talking Blood Bowl.

Source:  Tabletop Gaming Center (facebook)


Andre, the GW North American Trade Manager said:

Blood Bowl

  • Being worked on currently
  • Miniatures are in design
  • Orks and Humans are in the box
  • GW has shown some miniatures that are finished already
  • Box Art is not final
  • Game will be in the channel within 12 months!

Previously Shown Minis

Blood Bowl Orc 2 Blood Bowl Orc 1 Blood Bowl Human 2 Blood Bowl Human 1

Is this a new “open door” policy at Games Workshop? Will we see more interviews from their staff at cons, starting with Adepticon in just two weeks?

Only time will tell, but at the rate that GW is changing, anything seems to be possible!

– I want to believe!

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