Is This GW’s New Release Roadmap to Summer?

By Rob Baer | March 1st, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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There has been a sharknado of crazy releases from GW coming at us as of late, but it it over? From these rumors it looks like we’re about to go over 9000!


Collated together from a variety of sources on BoLS:

age of sigmar stormcast models




Death, Skaven repacks (AoS)

Stormcast Eternals release “Significant” in size (AoS)

Chaos (Khorne) Releases (AoS)


Destruction Release Window, 3 weeks (AoS)

Roughly analogous to the Fyreslayer window with “big monster, an infantry unit, a cavalry unit, and several clampack characters. Plus the obvious book of course.” Oruks only releases.

horus heresy walpaper


“HH range should kick off in the spring. April-May time. As you already know the Calth stuff will kickstart the range, with boxes labelled for 30k and 40k.
The plastic Mechanicum stuff was intended to work over as part of the core Heresy too.”

Previous Roadmap

rhino gw

Now how does that stack up to our previous rumor roadmap from January. Let’s take a look:


Chaos: Grand Alliance AoS Happened

Order: Grand Alliance AoS 

Death: Grand Alliance AoS  Happened

Destruction: Grand Alliance AoS RUMORED SOON

Death Release Window (starring an undead giant) AoS 

Space Wolves Release Window 40K Happened

Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons Campaign 40K Happened

Horus Heresy Plastic Reboxes Release Window 40K


Betrayal at Calth Boxed Game Sequel 40K

Oruks Release Window (starring a Wyvern) AoS RUMORED SOON

Duardin Release Window (starring a construct) AoS

Deathwatch Boxed Game 40K Happening


Any Specialist Game Release (I would be shocked if they had any ready in time, but you never know)

Age of Sigmar Releases Roundup

Well looks like there may be more Age of Sigmar on the way and less on the 40k side overall.  It may be that GW is committed Age of Sigmar, or perhaps these products were already in development since day one, so they have to get them to market!

Perhaps we’ll see less Age of Sigmar release after June when Games Workshop’s fiscal year is over, perhaps not. Either way opinion seems to be divided whether the game is a “winner” sales wise- with some folks praising it and some bashing it in equal measure.

All bets may be off then the rumored AOS backlog is pushed out the door however, and the Sales numbers come rolling in to Nottingham for the year.

-If you were GW, is Age of Sigmar a keeper?

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