New Battletome for Sigmar’s Stormcasts REVEALED

By Rob Baer | March 8th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors


There’s a new guide for fielding the warriors of Sigmar and their BEASTS as well. Come see the preview of the new Battletome Extremis!

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Well it looks like the days of the Hard Cover battle tomes are gone, replaced with more “affordable” paperbacks that contain the rules for all of that factions new releases.

In this iteration we’re seeing a resurgence of the mighty Stormcasts, as well as new beast models (like the dragon ones that were spotted this morning) and the Dracoth Cavalry themselves!

The future is looking fun and exciting for Age of Sigmar fans, as it looks like something BIG will be coming next week!

New Age of Sigmar Roundup

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