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By Rob Baer | March 20th, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized

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Hey folks, just want to drop a line here to everyone with a little update to my own personal version of Bad Boys II, i.e poop got real.

Recently I found out from my doctor that I most likely have permanent nerve damage to my face and lower lips resulting from the removal of my wisdom teeth last week.

In the overall scheme of things it’s not as bad as it can be, the nerves may grow back or branch out slowly (very slowly) over time and I may get some/full functionality back to the affected areas eventually.

In the short term I’ve been re-learning how to eat and drink without spilling literally everything all over my shirt, and how to keep from randomly drooling on myself and my cats (such angry cats lately I’ve noticed).

Moving forward my face will probably not be on camera for a few weeks as I learn to try to control and recognize my facial expressions a bit better, however you may still see some pre-recorded intros that will feature me before the procedure.

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As far as everything else goes nothing should really change at Spikey Bits and the Long War. We’re already back in the trenches making posts and videos just like we always do!

Thankfully I can still talk mostly normally, although my entire mouth is extremely tender from the procedure, as well as some other complications that emerged as well.

The only bummer for me really was that don’t get sick days here at Spikey Bits (like most of America I’d imagine) so it’s been a pretty brutal workload. I feel like even had the procedure gone “according to plan” I severely underestimated just how much this whole thing would affect me.

Now there will also be significant medical bills resulting from all this that have to be paid before things get sorted further. Unfortunately I was a good “adult” and changed my dental insurance to my new state when I moved this summer, however that reset the clock on what was and was not covered along with various other coverage limitations that will result me paying a ton of money out of pocket now.

So all that being said a lot of folks have already asked if there was something they could do to help, and there most definitely is.

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First off please consider supporting what I do here at Spikey Bits on Patreon. This is a direct way you can help myself out with the bills that will start rolling in soon, as well as score yourself some sweet gaming miniature swag as a thank you for that very support.

Currently we’re giving away the new Deathwatch miniatures to folks for their first full month of support, and from there you can get back even more depending on your pledge level.

And of course your prayers and well wishes are very much welcomed as well.


Thanks so much giving me the opportunity to help spread the hobby love with you all these years, by reading all our articles and video features here. I could not do this without YOU!

See you soon! -Rob Baer

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