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Lord of change tzeentch

Are you ready for ANOTHER board game from GW – reported by one of the most accurate rumormongers out there?

Hastings is talking about a new “Silver Tower of Tzeentch” boardgame, and a lot of info on the remaining Chaos Major Daemons (in plastic):


Silver Tower of Tzeentch mini, (EPIC)

via 75hastings69 (text in black)

Who’s ready to enter the great silver tower of Tzeentch?

Chikout asks: Is that a hint about the board game? A Tzeentchian tower could be a suitably aos style ‘quest’ dungeon.

Maybe more a hybrid quest/pitfight

Chikout follows up with: “I am super curious who the antagonists are. The fear is that it is the Stormcast, though a warhammer quest or even pit fighter style game could allow for bespoke minis from various different factions.”

75hastings69 highlights thebespoke minis from various different factions.”

later on he goes on to say in reference to the new game:

AFAIK it’s all new. Some of it kind of existing but with a new twist. If that makes any sense?

Other Hastings rumors:

GD’s are all finished and have been for some time, however I do not know if the LoC and other unreleased ones will get AoS’d before release (i.e. have slight alterations), FYI the Big Nurgle thing from End Times was originally going to be a GUO.

I know there is some kind of “monster” coming out for Aelves, but as for the Aelves themselves? I’m not sure if the aesthetic has changed at all, in fact I’m almost certain someone told me they were just repacks (along the lines of the Lizardmen) but with some new kits too.

The plot thickens


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