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Welcome back hobby maniac’s, today we’re unleashing a treasure trove of hobby goodness from our friends over at Kromlech; your one stop shop for pimping out your armies.

Kromlech is amazing company and they gave us a ton of swag for our Patreon’s supports as well so April is Kromlech month over here at Spikey Bits.

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First up, bases, everyone wants something a little different but not everyone offers the same thing so bases is a place a company can really shine. These are called windfill bases and they have some really amazing 3d textures and plenty of foot space for attaching your models. They’re very chunky, have a solid quality to them. The rocky outcrop ones is really great as well. This is their first foray into base design so expect a lot more come from Kromlech in the future.


If you’re a storeowner, let me bend your ear for am minute. When I owned my retail store, as GW got more and more expensive one of things I noticed in the retail space was that there where fewer and fewer impulse buys. One of the ways I was able to increase sales was to have things like this in the 10-15 dollar price points to help pump up those impulse buys. As a player and as a consumer please tell your local game storeowner and tell them about these kinds of products you’re really interested in.

Blister Packs

Getting into kits that Kromlech has in abundance are stand alone kits like this Plaugelings (nurglings) they come in a pack of 12, 3 bases, high quality resin, amazing sculpts, just a solid kit.

They also have a goblin flamer, with a Death Korps of Kreig, Iron Reich feel, which is pretty unique looking.


The Orc Task Master with gnaw hound is in the same vain and looks really amazing. He’s got some amazing detail, a sweet commissar cap, his whip, and his hound.


There’s also a sassy pants goblin commander with power fist, look amazing, it’s like the Squats meet Iron Reich meet Death Corps.

They have a sweet looking Eldar-like model which could be used for Dark Eldar, Eldar, Corsairs, anything really.

There’s just a ton of great looking miniatures.


Oh, hey, need some Grav-Guns, they got those too, plus the Grav Cannons. BAM! Sky Hammer Annihilation force is now ready to grav down the world.


Going into the big kits, they have a whole squad of tank busters, complete with Iron Reich style Coats, a boatload of anti-tank weapons, different poses, just an amazing, amazing, kit.

Oh, and did I mention amazing customer service? My good friend Kenny Boucher was painting up a Rotten Butcher and he noticed he had a bad cast. He contacted Kromlech and they sent him a new one; for free.

Boxed Sets

The Mech boss is giant, he’s basically Ghazgul. He’s got a ton of bits and doddads, double buzz saw, it’s amazing looking. Everything you need is on the sprue and all in amazing quality.


The Rotten Butcher is amazing, you’ve seen this over at next level painting, it’s a solid 7 inches tall and he looks spectacular. Kromlech is bringing some ground-breaking designs and kits to the fore.


Finnaly, they have a realy cool looking Captain America inspired model ingeniously called Kaptain Orc. He’s got a sweet Steve Rogers-esk wall leap with his shield; it’s awesome. It’s closer to the 75mm scale which is more like a showcase piece but if you want to display something cool in your office this is a really great model.


If you’re looking for an alternate models for your key units, or you’re store owner looking for some impulse buys, check out Kromlech because I know this will add to any store’s bottom line.

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