Is This The Newest Invincible Unit in 40k?

By Rob Baer | April 21st, 2016 | Categories: Rules Conundrums, Warhammer 40k

heralds of great wolf

Checkout the new “invincible” unit that you can make in 40k that’s making the rounds on the internet lately.

try at home

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We not to advocate any of these antics we talk about in here, it’s to educate folks as to what”that f-ing guy” can do, and thusly something you may see on the tabletop.

If you thought the superfriends were cool for Space Marines check this new combo out that’s risen because of an FAQ ruling.

The Heralds of the Great Wolf formation contains a Wolf, Iron, and Rune Priests (which also may include Njal or Ulrik as their respective substitutes – CoTW Pg. 48).

While they are indeed their own squad, and can not leave it because they lose the Independent character rule for the game, they are still powerful units in their own right.

Now where some folks are saying it gets crazy is one of their special rules below:

heralds of great wolf special rule

Note the -1BS when enemies are targeting this unit rule. 

So here’s where it starts to get a little crazy. If you’re playing with the ITC FAQ then checkout these rules changes that were instituted by them:

For ITC format events, The Invisibility psychic power is altered to read: units shooting at the Invisible unit do so at BS1, and hit it in melee on a 5+.

So if Heralds of the Great Wolf are invisible (which let’s face it, that’s not too hard to do right?) while these guys can get hit in combat on a 5+, shooting wise they seem ineligible because they would be at BS1 -1 due to the formation’s special rule.

snap shots special rule

Heck even snap fire in general is at BS1 so that would be affected regardless of the psychic powers.

Combo these guys with some fast moving Thunder Wolves, or just on the side in a psychic friendly army and chances are not only can they deal out some damage in combat (and buff the Space Wolves if you take Ulrik), but they may not get budged at all by shooting as long as invisibility is up.

Just another thing to be aware of when you walk up to the table in the near future perhaps? Either way it may just show that sometimes “changing” the rules may not be such a great idea.

Yeah or Nay on this one?

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