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Just Fly Casual, and come see this sweet custom R/C drone of a Lambda Shuttle from Star Wars Return of the Jedi!

Okay, well, ONE drone seems to power this, but what an amazing conversion!


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The creator of this conversion is Ajw61185; who has really done an amazing job of putting together his Lamda Class Shuttle. From a hobby standpoint wings that fold up, while in flight no less, just like in the movie is an amazing touch. The video is dark, because they’re testing out that sweet LED action of course, but you can tell they put some real effort into weathering the whole thing as well. I mean seriously, my nerd heart is in love.

Of course, as with any world wide phenomena there isn’t just one person having fun with drones, Ajw61185 also has another video up titled, AMA Expo Star Wars Stuff, which showcases a whole litany of star wars vehicles.

[For those that don’t know, the AMA is the American Modelers Association, which specializes in the RC and UAV Hobby and can be found here: http://www.modelaircraft.org]

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and YouTube is more than happy to suck you into a whole world of conversions including a massive Imperial Star Destroyer, which, in my opinion isn’t any where near as well done as the Lamda, but hey, it also exists.

Not to be out done, the millennium falcon gets in on the action as well, however, again, not quite up to the Lamda’s polish in overall execution, it’s still really amazing in my opinion.

If you’re not so hobby inclined as the above individuals there’s also the option to get an AirHogs version, albeit much less powerful. On second thought, maybe someone needs to produce a conversion kit.

The Lambda is ready for take off.

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