New GW Release List for 4-30 REVEALED

By Rob Baer | April 18th, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors

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Checkout the NINE new releases from Games Workshop that are coming our way next week!

The New Orruks are here, checkout all the new releases for Age of Sigmar that are coming in HOT.

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There are TONS more pics of the new ORRUKs back on the round up!


And here’s the  release list via  Archibald_TK.

DISCLAIMER: Before we go you must understand that these models are large, really large. And I mean that they appear to dwarf any other orc models. The Maw Krusha is more massive than the Magmadroth (if I remember the name right), Megaboss is huge… in parallel, this is a very very costly release, even by AoS standard. So don’t be surprised by what follows. Also since there are so many references sorry but I will just give you the Euro/UK/US prices and I’ll complete at a later time. Also I’m going fast so don’t blame me if there are mistakes please.

EDIT- I’ll amend my post with the following: I shall add that when I said they appear to dwarf other orcs models I don’t mean they are Ogre sized, but that they will stand a head above regular Orcs, far more for the Megaboss. Keep in mind GW really don’t make it easy to gauge precisely the size difference between models in their pics.

– Maw-Krusha (1 model) 90€ / £65 / $110
Comes with either a Megaboss or Gordrakk the Fist of Gork on top. Apparently the Krusha itself has two heads options. Few aesthetic differences overall.

– Gore-Gruntas (3 models) 67€ / £48 / $79
Huge Boar riders. They are… different? You have to see them for yourselves but I fear they will not be that well received. It appears that those are not 3 different models, but two, one of them being repeated twice. No weapons options and they really all look similar.

– Brutes (5 models) 42€ / £30 / $50
Heavier than Black Orcs, can be built with either two weapons or a two handed one.

– Megaboss 34€ / £24 / $40

– Weirdnob Shaman 28€ / £20 / $33

– Warchanter 26€ / £18.5 / $30

– Ardboys (15 models) 45€ / £32 / $53
Repackaged Black Orcs with round bases.

– Battletome Ironjawz (128p) 28€ / £20 / $33
14 Warscrolls and Battalions

– Grand Alliance Destruction (112p) 14€ / £10 / $16.5
12 factions, 61 Warscrolls, minus at least 7 for the Ironjaws that’s 54 remaining for the old range, place your bets.

WOW that looks like an amazing new lineup of miniatures for the Forces of Destcution! Plus it’s all in the same week to boot. I wonder what Games Workshop is cleaning the deck for release wise AFTER this?


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