New Space Marines & Chaos Rules, Orruks Releases REVEALED

By Rob Baer | April 11th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Come see all the breaking news from the weekend on the new Space Marines & Chaos rules, plus the big Orruks release that’s coming our way soon!

First off we got our first look at the new Crimson Slaughter rules for 2016:

NEW Crimson Slaughter


Checkout the HUGE SPREAD of new Chaos Rules in the roundup below:

Chaos Rules Roundup

Next up was some images of Orruks on Games Workshop’s site that look to be for next week’s release:

New Forces of Destruction:

Looks like GW accidentally posted some new ORRUK pictures for an coming release as being in WD #115.
Checkout the images that can be found on GW’s site currently.

60249999527_WhiteDwarf115ENG02Copy of 60249999527_WhiteDwarf115ENG03

Looks like the mystery of the maw-crusher has been solved!

This is the last of the “new” releases for Age of Sigmar, so we may be hitting a brave new world of new releases in just a few weeks time!


gw hq space marine tilt

GW Studio on Angels of Death

Source: Games Workshop

A new supplement for Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000, Angels of Death is very special indeed. Whatever your Chapter it has something for you. Strike Force organisation, Formations, relics Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives, new Psychic Powers – it’s a smorgasbord of Space Marines splendour.

Here are a few of the things that a few of us here at Games Workshop Towers love about this book:

Contemptor Dreadnought Squadrons: when asked about these, Josh got a very excited look on his face indeed. The idea of fielding three Contemptor Dreadnoughts in harmony, looking utterly sinister and working together to wipe their opponents off the table is something that should excite every Space Marines fan – give all three models Kheres pattern assault cannon and watch the carnage unfold.

skyhammer pic
Skyhammer Annihilation Force: Jamie reckons this Formation is the ultimate expression of what the Space Marines actually do: smash down from the sky and kill everything before it even has a chance to blink. The Space Marines that pour from the Drop Pods of this Formation can charge even though they arrived from Reserves, and their Devastator Squad is expert at pinning down the few enemies quick enough to bring their weapons to bear…

librarius conclave

Psykana Librarius: these new psychic powers, usable by all Chapters, have Jamie rather excited – particularly the fiendish Technomancy Discipline, which is all about domination of machinery, both yours and your opponent’s. This Discipline’s Primaris Power is able to force enemy units to fire only Snap Shots, or even take them over entirely: pick the biggest tank your enemy has and turn it against them! Another standout, Warpmetal Armour, adds Armour Values to units on a successful roll. Apply that to Josh’s favourites, the Dreadnought Squadron – you’re going to stomp all over your foe. Dirty, filthy rules which we love!


New Space Marine Rules & Decurion


(Transcribed by Evan Valdyke)

Anvil Strike Force:
Same restrictions IRT core, aux and command as a Gladius except only allowed 2 command instead of 3.

Command Benefits:
“Master of mechanised warfare: You may choose a vehicle form this detachment to be your warlord, even if your army inclues characters. If you do, your warlord has the following warlord trait:

Big Guns Never Tire: (skipping fluff) At the end of your shooting phase, your warlord can nominate himself or another vehicle from this detachment that is within 24″ of him. This vehicle can immediately fir its weapon again.
Armour of Contempt: Vehicles in an Anvil Strike Force Detachment ignore the effects of Crew Shaken and Crew stunned damage results, though they will still loose a Hull Point”

and last but not least two new formations (Raven Guard one was in a Tau Expansion)


It’s raining new Space Marine rules this morning. Tons of new rules are out there from all the various previews of the Angels of Death book over the weekend!

Checkout the rest of the preview including what looks to be a guide to using the Marines from the Betrayal at Calth Box set below:

Angels of Death Roundup

The game of 40k could fundamentally change, with the initiative swinging back to the forces of the Imperium next week, what side will YOU choose?

Did someone say die for the Emperor?

Aaron Aleong Speaks – The Truth Behind Adepticon 2016 Long War Episode 46


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