OMNISSIAH – The Skitraii Collector’s Codex Unboxing

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All hail the machine! Come see the spectacular Ruststalker Collector’s Edition of the Skitarii Adeptus Mechanicus Codex!

Welcome back Hobby Manaic’s! Today we’re looking at the Skitarii Rust Stalker Edition. It’s the first of the Mechanicus collector’s sets, but give praise as we’ll also have the Dominus version of the Mechanicus Codex that we’ll be reviewing in another article.



A lot of people don’t get to see these special edition sets because they aren’t 100% sure this is something they’d be interested in and let’s face it, these things aren’t cheap.

To give you guys an idea of what comes in these kits I’m here to give you an idea of what exactly is in these sets. Of course, this codex is long sold out but there is the secondary market which you can still get these Special Edition codex’ if you decide this is something you want.


In my opinion, this codex is more a mini supplement; it’s only 80-pages. Together with the Mechanicus Codx I think Games Workshop could have done just one book for both, but hey, that’s Games Workshop (it’s only crazy if it doesn’t sell).

The box that encases it is very solid. The cover has been given the foil brass treatment on the Icon and around the edges. On the back is the John Blanche. On the inside it’s pretty much the same as the regular codex. The pages do have foil along the edges as we’ve seen in the other collector’s edition.

Inside there’s a really cool blue print/poster on one side and the red planet Blanche art work in full color on the other side.



The brass coins, Maelstrom objectives, and special rules round out the special edition bits. I think these are great game aids and I’d like to Games Workshop would do more of these. The Maelstrom objectives however, are thin and flimsy and not something I’d want to use on a regular basis.

The coins are brass edged and make a resound thud when they land and click together.


It’s a really neat colletor’s set that was limited to 900.

So, Hobby Maniac’s how do you feel about this collectors sets?

OMNISSIAH – The Ruststalker Skitraii Collector’s Codex

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