Robots in Disguise – Ancient Next Level Painting Techniques

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Yo Dawg, class is in session and it’s time to learn some Ancient Next Level Techniques on how to make your edges POP!

Let’s finish off this Jotums model and level up your painting skill!


Step 1: Mix some Prussian Blue and Black to and get your paint into the lines. You’ll notice I’m wearing gloves to keep my fingers from pulling the paint off the model or my hand oils on the model.


Take your time, pull the brush towards you. You can see i got the pinky bracing against the model for support.


Next up, the gun, I paint it black and let me say that the Vallejo Black is amazing. Not all blacks are created equal and this paint is the right amount of Matte and Shine.


Mix Prussian Blue and Black again and use that to line up the gun. Just trace the outline, it’s technique not skill.


Then hit the edges with a white to make it go KaPow.


Line up the edges, here I went with a blue/white mix; I didn’t go straight to white.


Then line it up with white to make it go KaPow!


Cavalry Brown and Orange, 50/50 mix for the Fuel Tanks


Orange for the highlights subtly.


Then sepia for the wash into the lines to give it that depth.


I’m really digging this electric blue effect, that would look so great on some Ultramarines.

If you want to see it all step by step click the video below:

Edge Highlighting – Ancient Next Level Techniques

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