Space Marine Week & Throwback Lore – WD #115 Review

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Come see the new Space Marines and Chaos models and features for whats coming our way soon, in our WD #113 first look!

40k is back folks. This week’s issue has a ton of fluffy articles talking about the evolution of Space Marines, and another great paint splatter for getting your Space Marine hobby on!


New Products are on the way too, it’s raining Astartes!


White Dwarf #115 $4


A very special White Dwarf this week – celebrating thirty years of Space Marines! An issue-long celebration of the Emperor’s finest, featuring:

– an introduction to the new Imperial Space Marine miniature;
– a definitive guide to Space Marines through the ages;
– the complete guide to power armour;
– anatomy of a Space Marine;
– the history of the Land Raider

And much, much, much more. Join in the celebrations and pick up a copy!


New Chaos Rules – WD #115 First Look

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